“Dugan Sherbondy has a passion for communicating God’s truth, and ability to do it with freshness, creativity, humor, urgency, and the capacity to touch both minds and hearts.  He has an infectious love for God’s word, and a deep commitment to life-change.”John Ortberg, speaker, author, and senior pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Dugan is a fired-up and gifted communicator … and we loved having him teach our students.  He loves God’s Word and finds ways to creatively connect with an audience, and he’s quick-witted & disarming, too.  Seriously, this guy is worth talking to… and hearing from!Scott Rubin, Director of Elevate, Willow Creek Community Church and co-author of a number of books, including: “Middle School Ministry.”

Dugan Sherbondy is the real deal. Not only is he an outstanding communicator, actor, writer, teacher, but the guy loves God with his whole heart! Plus he’s one of the funniest guys I’ve ever known! I’ve watched God use him in so many ways in our church and would highly recommend him for student ministry retreats, weekend church services, young adult gatherings, school assemblies or any special event. He connects with them all!Mike Breaux Teaching Pastor, Heartland Community Church

Dugan Sherbondy is one of my favorite youth pastors I have had the chance to meet and serve with in the last 8 years. He is a gifted communicator and a passionate leader in student ministry. We have partnered with Dugan at numerous times to speak at our Engage events as well as to join us at creative round tables. I respect his commitment to the Lord and his desire to communicate truth to this generation of students. Dugan blends his humor and love of life into everything he does and is just as great a person off the stage as he is on it. I’ve had the chance to see him serve both in our context but also during services at his own church and love the joy and energy he brings to everything he does.Matt Gilchrist, Senior Director-Engage, Christ In Youth

“Dugan is a crystal clear communicator with unvarnished passion. These qualities are rare and when brought together … Boom! Dugan will serve you well because His goal is to live well and honor God.” Karl Clauson, Talk Show Host, ‘180 with Karl Clauson’, AM 1160Chicago

“Dugan Sherbondy is, quite simply, one of the best teachers of kids, teens, and families that I’ve ever worked with. His humor, relevance, charisma and ability to bring the Bible to life in a fresh and funky way is second to none. If I was looking to book someone dynamic to communicate Biblical truth to a next-gen crowd, Dugan would be my top pick every time!”Aaron Reynolds, Speaker, Ministry Consultant, and Author of  The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School

“I have worked with Dugan Sherbondy over the last several years on a variety of projects, ranging from a video teaching series to an ideation session for the content of a magazine. Dugan has brought a great deal of energy, humor and a high level of creativity to every project. His ability as a communicator is off the chart. He is collaborative and humble, yet brings his own ideas to the table. I would recommend him highly”Mark Novelli, IMAGO

“I’ve known Dugan now for approximately 4yrs. During this time I have witnessed tremendous growth in him as a man of God. He is a gifted speaker and teacher. Our ministry, Joseph’s Walk Inc., has utilized his skills over the years with great effectiveness! At one point, Dugan was involved as a board member as well, and always gave insightful and current ideas which added to our sustained viability. I know him as a devoted family man and a strong Christ follower. He should be viewed as an asset by person or organization seeking to employ his skills.”Mike Todryk, Founder, President. Joseph’s Walk Inc.

Dugan Sherbondy is a versatile and gifted creative communicator.  I have personal experience with him as an actor and teacher.  In both areas Dugan is outstanding.   He is an enormously appealing actor, who, whether in comedy or drama, is always truthful and believable.  An actor others love to work with, Dugan has great energy and consistently demonstrates strong instincts.  He is equally suited to video or live performance.

 Dugan’s teaching brings Scripture alive in a fresh style that holds the attention of  both youth and adults.  His energy, humor and authenticity keeps his listeners engaged.  His passion for God’s word, joined with an open, vulnerable spirit, gives him a unique and compelling voice.  Dugan Sherbondy is part of a new generation of Godly and gifted communicators who are making a significant mark for the Kingdom.Steve Pederson, former drama director at Willow Creek Community Church

Dugan is one of my favorite people in the world! He is hilarious, quick witted, and wildly talented! Dugan is an outstanding communicator for any environment! Guaranteed to connect, challenge, and inspire!Mike Hickerson, Lead Pastor of Mission Church in Ventura,CA

I’ve known Dugan for many years and have found him to be deeply thoughtful, wildly creative, and absolutely the real deal.  Dugan adds wisdom, humor, and redemptive energy to everything he is a part of, and I truly believe that the sky is the limit for what God can do through him.Aaron Niequist, Worship Leader, Willow Creek Community Church

I’ve had the opportunity to partner with Dugan and his ministry for several retreats. During those retreats I will oftentimes hang out for the worship and teaching time because it is so good. Dugan has a great gift of being able to communicate eloquently while mixing in humor, personal stories, and drama to reach the audience. He does a great job of knowing where people are spiritually and then meeting them there and then teaching them about knowing Christ. Dugan is very easy going  which helps him be an awesome communicator for any ministry. Not only is he a great communicator but he lives out what he teaches on. He’s transparent in how he lives and connects very easily with people.Josh Peterson, Guest Group Director, Phantom Ranch Bible Camp

“Dugan is an masterful communicator, wired to share God’s truth.  He is funny, insightful, inspiring and can bring scripture to life in a most unique way. He is a born communicator who is able to connect with audience members of any ages.  He is one of the best!”Eric Parks, Red Rocks Church

As a director I can tell pretty quickly whether someone has talent in front of the camera or if they are going to need fixing in post production. Dugan is one the guys that I love filming, because his communication skills shine through as he is relaxed, confident and conversational in front of the camera. I’ve never had to worry about fixing Dugan’s deliveries in post. He is a joy to collaborate with.Corbyn Tyson, Producer, Director, Founder of Frank and Harvey

“Sure Dugan is hilarious.  That is a given.  Beyond that he has a natural God-given gift to communicate.  Even deeper than that this is a guy with rock solid character, humility, and love of Christ.”Shane Farmer, Lead Pastor, Cherry Hills Community Church

Dugan Sherbondy is, without a doubt, highly charged and engaging! Whether sharing God’s truth as a communicator or revealing the truth of a moment in life as an actor, Dugan is real and present. His style is easy and approachable; it reaches out to all ages because of his respect for them. Having worked with Dugan as his teacher and his peer, he embraces challenge, strives for excellence and does it with exuberance and humor. With his energetic charm and trademark sun-kissed hair, Dugan delights and touches his audience in a personal way. Deanna Armentrout, Artistic Development, Willow Creek Community Church

“When we recruited Dugan to lead in our student ministries in 2007, we knew he was gifted in many different areas.  He was one of those people that you just want to have on your team, and he has been a valuable asset for our entire ministry. He writes, acts, is musical, has a great sense of humor, and creatively communicates in person or on video to the very young, teens, and adults. He has a passion for teaching God’s word, and does so with a style that is unique, engaging, and creative.  Every once in a while you run into a person that has more than his share of giftedness…and the kingdom is impacted in significant ways because they choose to use those gifts in ministry.  That is Dugan.” Mark and Sherri Bankord, Founders of Heartland Community Church, Rockford, IL

I have had the incredible blessing of watching Dugan preach God’s word to my high school students at Willow Creek Community Church. I can say without a doubt that he has a passion for God’s word that becomes infectious to his audience. His ability to use intentional humor draws both students and adults into his message, while his presence keeps them there. Dugan teaches with an authenticity that stems from his vibrant walk with Jesus Christ. The Lord has entrusted Dugan with a teaching gift, and after hearing him I think you will agree.Bryan Jones, Director of Student Impact, Willow Creek Community Church

I’m not sure I can speak more highly of Dugan’s ability to communicate with others. He possesses that rare combination of gifts that allow him to immediately connect directly with others. At events and in visual media, Dugan’s creativity and storytelling talents command the attention of his audience, as he exercises great humility while speaking authoritatively at the same time. Dugan’s also the kind of person you just want as a part of your team, willing to do all he can to serve others.Kelly Dolan, Filmmaker & Voiceover Artist

“Dugan made himself available to campers all week. He played volleyball with them. He sat at picnic tables with them. When he taught, he brought wisdom I’d expect from a much more seasoned speaker. He was well prepared for each teaching session, yet let the Holy Spirit lead him to what the high schoolers needed to hear. When he mentioned this connection and openness to the Spirit in his teaching, campers came to a new understanding of the Holy Spirit. He’s easy to work with and gains rapport quickly with.” – Dan Mayer, Phantom Ranch Bible Camp

“Dugan has an obvious teaching gift, a clear passion for God, and insightful content. What I appreciated most about Dugan, though, is that he chose to intentionally connect with our students relationally throughout the retreat, which developed levels of trust with the students that enhanced their experience exponentially. They considered him to be trustworthy and relatable largely because of his intentional investment in their lives.” – Tommy Carreras, Mission Church, Ventura, CA

“Dugan presented God’s truth in a fun and relevant way that really connected with students.  We saw many students making life changing decisions. It was great working with Dugan and being a part of that life change together.” – Andrew Warken, Lake Geneva Youth Camp

“Our youth loved it! He was right on point with it all! Even our adults loved him!!!”

“Dugan’s presentation style was particularly engaging.”

“He was very relevant and real with the students. I think they connected well with him.”

“The content was spot on, and the presentation was seamless. Dugan’s authenticity was apparent and refreshing – good humor.”

“He spoke on a level at which both youth and adults can relate.”

“Dugan did a wonderful job getting and holding the attention of the youth. I even took points to be used in life and at work.”

“Dugan is an excellent speaker and did a great job mixing humorous thoughts with serious topics.”

“I love his energy and his way to engage the kids from the popular to those who feel on the sidelines. His message was relevant to the adults as well.”

“Dugan really gets it. I appreciated how he couched his remarks and the fact that he’s not legalistic. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Plus, he was fun!”

“Our students and adults loved everything about Dugan’s messages.”

“Dugan has an excellent way of allowing the students to get to know him instantly-through humor, honesty and knowledge of scripture.”

“He did a great job relating to the youth!  I’ve had great follow-up conversations, he planted lots of seeds!”

RE: Student Ministry Leader Training

“Incredibly encouraging – love the boldness he spoke with, and the ideas he presented.”

“He was easy to talk to and he really helped renew the calling for one of my volunteers that was ready to quit.”

“I wish I had a transcript of all that he shared. As a relatively new youth director and being forced to learn as I go, his experience and ideas are invaluable!”

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