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    Part comedian, part teacher, and part pastor, Dugan is a traveling speaker who loves to speak at a variety of events. If you're interested in finding someone to speak at your next retreat, conference, ministry night or leader training, you're at the right place! Dugan has experience speaking to students, adults, men, kids, and more! Whether you're looking for something powerful and moving, or light and comedic, Dugan offers both (as well as everything in between)! Check out Dugan's newest book "Never Alone" and shoot him an email 72,69,82,69,46.EREH

Day 5 – No Update Today!

Hello, friends! I apologize but I won’t have an update today for two reasons:

1). The internet is very slow where we’re staying and the time it takes to upload a video would be too long.

2). Everything we experienced today was SO GOOD, that I won’t want to give it away for those of you who eventually make the trip!

Thank you all so much for your support and for checking in! See you tomorrow!


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Day 3

Once again I recorded my update while out on our hike! Check it out a stay tuned for a rare opportunity to see a Wadi Flood!

A few notes about the Wadi Flood video:

* Wadi means “river bed” (usually dry…until a flood comes through)
* Our bus ended up being delayed for over 4 hours because of all the flooded roads! Apparently being at the lowest land point of planet earth means all the water comes towards us!
* I’m not sure why the audio is echo-y during one of the clips. Just get some glow sticks and think of it as a rave remix experience.



Here’s me 100% legitimately actually literally holding up this rock! Can you believe it?!
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