Let’s Hang Out!

Hey, friends!

Here’s a brief update:

Lindsay, Eva, and I are getting settled in Nashville and liking it a lot so far! It’s a beautiful area with a lot of really fun stuff to do. Some great restaurants and really close to downtown. The weather is nice because it’s not as hot as Phoenix and the winter won’t be as harsh as northern Illinois, so hopefully it’s the best of both worlds! However, we’re not fans of the bugs or humidity so I’m hoping my sweat can double as some sort of natural insect repellant.

I’m beginning to work towards publishing a couple writing projects including a book and a middle school spiritual gifts experience. I’m also actively pursuing more opportunities to speak! I’m looking to schedule as many student teaching opportunities during this fall and winter as I can and would love to ask for your help!

I’m looking to schedule teaching opportunities at:

Student Weekend Retreats
Student Camps
Student Events
College Ministries
Youth Groups
Dog Shows (as long as John O’Hurley is there)

I was blessed to have a super fun and super packed summer as I had chances to speak to students all across the country from California to Maryland and Texas to Wisconsin. Here are a few things people said about my time there:

“Dugan is truly one of the most creative, gifted communicators I have ever witnessed! His humor, wit, and charisma compel you to want to hang on to his every word. He is an incredible collaborator, and he has the unique ability to take lots of ideas and succinctly bring a powerful, unified message to life. It’s so very rare to see someone with the combination of God-given talents that Dugan possesses, but I am grateful and inspired to see the enormous difference he’s making in the Kingdom…he’s one of a kind.” – Angela Wade Simpson (Project: Home, 2014)

“Dugan is great at what he does…captivates the audience. He did a great job keeping the attention of the students through the use of his jokes and illustrations. He was also able to present the topic at hand with depth and understanding. Students have already requested for him to speak again next year.” – Amy Smith (Adventure Camp, 2014)

“He’s a brave, insightful speaker, full of creativity, keeping us laughing so we understand him on a personal, real level and making us listen when it truly counts. He’s a real joy for both adults and students alike!” – Ivy Castle (Project: Home, 2014)

“Dugan was able to masterfully weave our theme and passages that we wanted with his own personal stories and creative sermons to produce a relevant and authentic message for our students.”– Jason Fullen (Reality Week, 2014)

“We have wanted Dugan to be our main speaker for the past two years for our summer camp. He is a great story-teller, knows how to grab student’s attention and describe to them Christ’s great love for us. He is funny, and engages with students both when speaking and during camp time. Tons of our students ask for him back each year, and many of them have personal stories of how Dugan talked to them, or how something he said really resonated with them. He was involved in pre-service meetings, and had creative ideas to help our team plan. He followed time sensitive agendas so our team could get everything done and planned for our camp!” – Taylor Parra (Reality week, 2014)

So, if you are looking for a speaker or if you know of someone who is, please get in touch with me! I’d love to come hang out with and teach your students!

I’m even offering a 25% discount for any contract during Fall of 2014 and Winter of 2015, so spread the word.

Thank you so much and let me know if you have any questions! Otherwise let me know when I can come serve your ministry!

Also don’t forget to get your copy of and spread the word about a free digital copy of my book HERE!



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