Good Parents Over-Instagram

I’d like to comment on the frustration surrounding people who post a ton of pictures of their kids on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and any other social media outlet.

I’m being a little hypocritical since I post so many pictures of my daughter while I also get annoyed at parents who post 13 pictures of their kids an hour.

But then I deduced (thanks, Sherlock) something.

This is a sign of a good parent.

Good parents over-Instragram.

This isn’t to say that parents who don’t post a lot of pictures of their kids are bad parents, but I think that generally, “over-posting” pictures of their kids, is an indication of a good parent.

Here’s why:

When a child is born, in the blink of an eye, a person’s entire world suddenly flips upside down. All their free times, TV shows, golf, pointless internet surfing, movie-watching, and house cleaning is replaced with the life of this little, 100% dependent little person that, despite not doing much other than eating, sleeping, and pooping, you like a whole lot.

And aside from those parents who decide to neglect their children, there are really then two choices:

A). Resent your child for forcing you to sacrifice all your selfishness


B) Make your life all about them.

I have chosen B.

It’s not always fun. I don’t always like giving up certain things I want to do, it’s sometimes stressful, and I wish I’d thrown a “goodbye sleeping-in” party to mourn it properly. But the countless moments of love, joy, and delight that my daughter gives me are nothing compared to what I gave up.

So what do I do?

I try to capture every moment. I fill up my phone with pictures and videos that I have to transfer to my computer week after week to make more space for more pictures and videos, I daily send pictures and videos to family and friends, and I post dozens of pictures and videos to any social media outlet for people to get just a glimpse of what most of my life consists of these days and how wonderful it is.

And for those of you who are still annoyed, let me know if you need help finding the ‘unfollow’ button.

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