Friday Five #9

Happy Friday Five!

1). Behind the Scenes of The Academy Awards.


When it comes to the Oscars, I wouldn’t say that I “care” about them (at least not like @lkoturner does), but I do enjoy watching them. Although whenever I watch the Oscars, I find myself too concerned with everything being fair. I like it when a variety of movies win, versus one more sweeping most of the main categories. I know that’s unrealistic but I just think it’s dumb that one movie usually wins a lot of the main categories when there were so many great ones that could and should have. In fact, last year was one of my favorites since Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Django Unchained, and Lincoln all won different awards among the main categories. To me, it often seems that it’s movies like Lord of the Rings, or The King’s Speech, or The Hurt Locker that win a bunch and other deservingly good movies don’t. I realize that’s probably an overgeneralization and if someone deserves to win, they should, but for some reason I always want it to be fair. But maybe the chance of one movie sweeping is part of the fun of everything. I digress…

All that to say, with the Oscars coming up this weekend, here are a few articles from Mental Floss that I found interesting and informative about elements to the Academy Awards and movies that I never knew about (and speaking of which, Mental Floss is one of the most interesting and fun magazines I’ve ever read and I would highly recommend it):

– Way Too much information about how oscar nominees are chosen:

– Why the statues are called “Oscars”:

– Why movies cost so much to make –

2). Potbelly’s Super Secret Menu. Now that I live in on the west-ish coast, I’ve enjoyed going to In-N-Out Burger a few times, but I’m always intimidating by the secret way to order food. Usually I approach the ordering counter, start to order something edgy and cool, chicken out, create an awkward moment, then get the #2 and call it a day. Well this past week, a friend of mine (thanks, Steve!) sent me this article about the secret ways to order at Potbelly, which is one of my favorite sandwich places to eat. Who knew?! Well evidently Steve did, but aside from that… Feel free to check these out because some of them look pretty gosh darn delicious:


3). The Birth of Matt Foley. Anybody who’s ever laughed at anything has hopefully seen Chris Farley in all his glory as Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker. This rare video shows the origin of that character when Farley was performing at Second City in Chicago. Check it out below and also check out the product of its evolution to SNL here.

4). The True Identity of Andy (from Toy Story)’s Mom. Apparently there are a ton of theories out there about Pixar Movies and Toy Story. I wasn’t aware of this but there are a few theories out there such as that all the movies are connected and tell the story of our future ( or that Toy Story and The Walking Dead are connected (

They’re interesting to consider and I’m not sure if I believe them or not, but this is one I do believe. I won’t spoil it for you but it’s a heartwarming theory that’s backed up with some pretty good evidence on how Andy’s Mom connects to the Toy Story trilogy.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 1.27.31 PM

5). Full House reunited. This happened a month or so ago when Jimmy Fallon was still hosting late night, but it’s been on my list for a while and I thought it’d be a fun way to end this week’s Friday Five. For any of you who remember sitting down around 4pm on a weekday afternoon to catch up with the Tanner family and friends, you will enjoy this:

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