Friday Five #8

Some weeks I have to try really hard to find things to make a part of the Friday Five. This was not one of those weeks. Enjoy!


1). Bad Suns – “Transpose EP” My new favorite band. I have no idea where they’re from or anything about them but I’m totally hooked on their music. Their sound is clean yet raw, full of energy while remaining tight and catchy. Their whole EP is great but definitely check out “Cardiac Arrest” (and the remix isn’t bad either). I can’t wait for the full length album later this year. In the meantime, this is the perfect music for working out, driving, working, or any activity that can accommodate the ability to listen to music. Check it out here.


2). The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  I’ve never really consistently watched a late-night talk show, but with Jimmy  Fallon taking over The Tonight Show, Linds and I sat down to watch the first episode and after about 3.5 minutes, knew that we’d be watching it just about every night. Fallon is funny, fresh, creative, humble, personable, and so gosh darn cute. Despite not being able to hold it together on any SNL sketch, he’s a spectacular talk show host and happens to be multi-talented and witty, enabling him to find a way to be entertaining in any and every situation. Here’s a link to check out his first episode: The Tonight Show Ep 1 and here’s one to see some of the best clips from this past week: The Tonight Show Clips

3). Will It Beard. willitbeard is an Instagram account (as well as a Tumblr and hastag) that is one of today’s coolest new measurements for how manly or hipster someone is. Okay, it’s not really that dramatic but it’s a pretty dang cool way to see guys stick things in their beards. Check out this link for a few highlights and a video that will most likely make you lol.


4). Olympic Curling. The first time I watched curling was 8 years ago during the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. The reason I started watching it was to make fun of it, but after only a few short minutes, I found myself totally enjoying it and now I’m hooked. It’s probably the least athletic Olympic sport ever, but for some reason I enjoy watching all the strategy and the fact that it’s so weird makes it charming and interesting. Plus the fact that I can only watch it every four years makes it sort of special.


So, here are a few interesting articles I found about curling and how, unlike Ice Dancing, it is actually considered a sport:

– Mental Floss’ attempt to explain curling in the most simple way possible:

– USA Today officially arguing that Ice Dancing is not a sport, while Curling is:

5). The Most Anticipated Films of 2015. Yes that’s a long ways away, but some of these I’m real excited about (especially #10 and #5) –

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