Friday Five #17

Friday Five is back! Enjoy!



1). The Art of Small Talk.

As an introvert, this article was super helpful and interesting to learn some tangibles about how to engage in quality small talk.

2). The most beautiful and accurate baby lullaby I’ve ever heard. The Maya Rudolph variety show was a lot of fun to watch, but this was by far my favorite performance of the night. I loved Chris Parnell in Anchorman and Lazy Sunday, and this song just confirmed how awesome he is. For those of you with kids, this won’t get out of your head for a while…which you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

3). Ginger Sympathy. For my fellow pasty-skinned, red-heads, here’s some truth and love for you all: It’s a Tough World Out There for Gingers. 

willie 4). The Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes Ever. Some of these are pretty shocking that they were ad-libbed moments in movies that became super famous. I found #4 most interesting.


5). Skiing with Dolphins. Here’s your feel-good video for the week. This is not only amazing but totally makes me jealous, wishing it had happened to me!

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