Friday Five #16

Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s this edition of the Friday Five. Enjoy!


1). The Fatherhood Project from Soul Pancake. These are incredible videos from my friend Corbyn Tyson all about figuring out how to be a dad. Definitely check them all out, but here’s the most recent addition:

2). Stephen Colbert’s Faith – I never watched The Colbert Report but after the news of him taking for for Letterman, it’s been awesome to get to know him more. This article was very interesting to read about a number of times that Colbert got real about his faith. I think it’s cool to see someone who is known for his intelligence, also have a broad knowledge of the Bible as well as a firm foundation in his beliefs. Definitely check out the link to the article and one of the videos it talks about below:


3). Life Graphs.
These are super creative and as Homer Simpson says, funny because they’re true.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.11.35 PM

4). Twenty One Pilots. The newest band I’ve been enjoying. I first saw them perform at the MTV Movie Awards and although there were some weird elements to their song, it was really well done and fun musically. Their full length album is really a fun listen and after seeing a few interviews with them, they both seem like down-to-earth guys.


5). Textpert I thought this was really catchy and well done. And might just save your life one day…

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