Friday Five #15

Happy (Good) Friday Five! Here’s a few things to hopefully make you laugh, enable you to use the phrase “well, you learn something new every day”, and challenge you. Have a wonderful weekend of remembering and celebrating!


1). Chuck Lidell and a Rhino. I’m not sure what the latest study says about how many commercials we see a day on average (I’m sure it’s around a million) but I’m sure it’s a lot. So when a commercial not only grabs my attention but also makes me lol, I’ve gotta give it props. I don’t know if it’ll make me shop at AutoZone or buy Duralast more, but I was sure entertained. (just wait for the toe nails)

2). “She’s Not Bossy, She’s A Leader.” That’s what Linds and I have said about Eva since she was real young. And as the dad of a future female leader, I like this video. Eva is only 2 but it’s already clear that she has a strong personality with leadership gifts. She’s super inclusive and happiest when everyone around her is joining her in doing the same thing (most often: dancing, singing, or watching Frozen). Every time she starts being bossy, Linds and I remind ourselves that she’s simply a leader and instead of shutting her down, we’re trying to learn as parents how to channel and guide her strength into her growth as a future female leader. So for all of you with “bossy” daughters (like the woman at the park last week who shared a laugh with me as our daughters spent the majority of their time playing together telling the other what to do), this one’s for you. Check out more HERE. #banbossy

3). 12 Obvious Baseball Rules. I know ‘Merca is a football nation, but summer baseball will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe it was going to games with my dad at Wrigley Field (before it became full of bitter cubs fans who are now old enough to numb their life-long frustration with beer), maybe it was playing little league, or maybe it’s just nice to take a long nap during a Sunday afternoon game and not miss much. Whatever it is, I like baseball. Here’s some fun stories about some pretty foundational rules and how they came to be (click the picture):


4). True Detective Parody. This will only be funny if you’ve seen true detective, but even if you haven’t, this guy’s impression of Matthew “Alright-Alright-Alright” McConaughey/Rust Cohle is fantastic. Also check out Ross Marquand’s video series through Soul Pancake called “The Impression Guys.”

5). Incredible Forgiveness. Last but definitely most important is a truly unbelievable article from the New York Times about a level of forgiveness that I cannot even comprehend. On this day and weekend where we celebrate the undeserved forgiveness of our Savior, check out these stories of people whose forgiveness challenged, humbles, and inspires me almost beyond explanation (click the picture).


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