Friday Five #14

Welcome to the Friday Five! This week consists entirely of funny videos, so, if you have exactly 21 minutes and 2 seconds, enjoy these 5 videos that will hopefully make you laugh!


1). Louis CK’s Opening Monologue for SNL. Louis CK is easily one of my favorite standup comics. He seems so authentic with his comedy, like he’s just having a casual conversation with the audience about things that he makes very funny. At times I wish he wasn’t so crude in his content, but he’s still pretty gol darn hilarious. His performance on SNL was good but his opening monologue was outstanding. Enjoy.

2). Controversial Target Ad Model on Ellen. This is just plain brilliant in so many ways. I don’t watch Ellen but every time I see a segment from her show, (or when she hosts an awards show) I love what I see. I really like her sincere and humorous approach to everything she does. This was such a fun and smart way to make people laugh about a hot button issue while also bringing it to people’s attention in a nonthreatening way without an agenda .

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3). SNL Jos. A. Bank Commercial. This caught me off guard and made me literally laugh out loud (llol). Mostly because it’s true!

4). The Record Collector. I do have records and gladly put myself in that hipster category, but in the vein of Portlandia, this video made me laugh a lot. I wonder when cassette tapes are going to become cool and vintage?

5).Tig Notary on Conan. Tig is easily one of my favorite comedians. Arguably the best standup performance I’ve ever heard was one she did the day she found out she had cancer. In fact, Louis CK was in the audience that day and was so impacted by her performance (which she essentially ad-libbed since she didn’t feel up for doing her normal routine), that he sold it on his website with some of the proceeds going towards helping cancer research. Check out the story HERE and if you want to buy the audio (which I highly recommend), you can HERE. Here’s her latest performance from Conan this past week.

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