Friday Five #11

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week I try to feature five fun, random, interesting, educational, or funny things from the web that is world wide. Hope you enjoy!


1). The Weirdest Things Sold on Ebay. This is a little sad and a lot hilarious. –


2). Pothole Art. This goes out to all my friends in the mid-west. –


3). The Power of Sleep. Whether it’s napping or sleeping at night, as someone who needs a solid 8 hours a night to be pleasant to be around, I felt empowered by this information. 

Sleep Infographic

4).The Original Locations of 15 Fast Food Places. –


5).  President Obama on Between 2 Ferns. I know some people were offended by this and I also know Obama probably just did it to appeal to the younger generation, but I thought he was a good sport and it was hilarious.  –


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