Crooked Path

Throughout the last two years, Linds and I would occasionally turn to each other and say: “I wonder where we’ll be a year from now?”

We were in this season of always feeling like God had something just around the corner for us, that we were never quite sure what our future held. Having experienced everything from starting a business, leaving a job, moving from the midwest to the desert, leaving another job, traveling, starting another business, and now moving to Nashville, it has been quite a journey of seeking God for our future. It hasn’t been easy.

Thankfully, we have usually felt a consistent sense of peace and unity together as we’ve sensed God gently leading us, opening doors, and shutting them.

And last month, we said our phrase for the last time. As we were prepping for our move to Nashville, Lindsay and I were on our final date in Phoenix when she looked at me and said: “I wonder where we’ll be a year from now?” We both laughed and I said: “Who cares? Wherever it is, it’ll be awesome!”

It brought to mind these words from Scripture:

Accept the way God does things,
    for who can straighten what he has made crooked? – Ecclesiastes 7:13

I would normally tend to read this and think it was a typo. I mean, aren’t OUR paths usually all messed up and GOD is the one who has to constantly correct us to keep us on a straight line?

Not according to Solomon. As I read this verse and thought about the past two years of my life, I realized that far too often, I’M the one who is so focused on trying to make sure my life is even, fair, straight, comfortable, predictable, planned-out, and makes sense…and then GOD is the one who had something different in mind.

I’m always trying to set my life on course and then hit auto-pilot. But the minute I try to do that, God reaches down and (lovingly) taps my course a different way. A zig-zag path is annoying because we’re not able to see the end. We’d rather have a straight path and be able to know exactly what is coming and when. But more often than not, God wants us to trust Him for each step of the journey, without necessarily knowing what the next step is.

I had a mentor who once said that God is predictably unpredictable. And when following Him, be prepared for a lot of unpredictable left and right turns. It can be frustrating, but once Linds and I embraced it, we simply began to enjoy the adventure!

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