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Final Day!

That’s a wrap! My training trip through Israel is completed. It was equally exhausting and exciting. I feel filled up and ready to return home to A) see my family!!! and B) begin preparing to lead a trip next year!

Thank you all for keeping up with my journey and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions about next year’s trip!



The Land
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Day 9

Today was our first full day in Jerusalem and out second to last day of the trip! It’s amazing how many places we’ve been and how many things I’ve learned. Every day I’ve been equally exhausted from absorbing information and excited to someday bring a group of you here!

Here’s a short video from the streets of Jerusalem and a picture of me in Hezekiah’s tunnel!

See you all for my farewell post tomorrow!


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Day 7

I’m back with a video!

I finally found enough internet to upload a short video! Today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day in the Galilee region as we headed north. Check out yesterday’s pictures to see just how lush everything is in the springtime around where Jesus called home.

We ended our day at my favorite moment from my trip in 2016 and it definitely didn’t disappoint in 2019. Here’s the sunset we witnessed over the Sea of Galilee.

In addition, if you’d like to watch a teaching I did about this favorite moment of mind, clink THIS LINK

Thanks everybody! Miss you all and I’ll see you tomorrow, from Jerusalem!


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Day 6

Hello, friends!

I apologize but once again, I’m not able to do a video update today (and possibly tomorrow) due to some connectivity issues.

So instead, I’ll do an image update! This one is pretty simple but has been incredible to see.

On my last trip to Israel, we came in late June, which was the summer months. This year, we’re here in the winter/spring months, which means one significant thing: Rain.

Some of you might have seen the wadi flood we witnessed from my day 2 update, which is a result of rain in the Judah Mountains. Israel only gets rain in January and February, with potential for some in October and March as well.

Us being here in March (after the rains have already come) means we’re seeing a TON of growth, especially in the northern part, up near Galilee.

To show you, here are two pictures taken from the same spot, the first from the summer of 2016 and the second, from today:


So much more green! It’s a pretty incredible contrast and is a constant reminder of the importance of water for life! The only green we saw from 2016 were irrigated farming fields and now, it’s everything! Here are a few more shots of some of the beauty around us:

See you tomorrow with (hopefully) a video update but (more likely) an image one!


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